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If you are coming for a first time/trial class, please contact by phone or email prior to the class.

Classes are offered in periods. Price then is €10 a class for one class a week. Because of the size of the group, you register for a set day/time. You can specify the time and day before the start of each new period. Change regarding the day/time is possible in consultation with the teacher.

Period: 9 January – 16 April (14 weeks)
Period: 17 April – 23 July (14 weeks)
Period: 4 September – 24 December (16 weeks)

There are no classes on: public holidays

Period: 8 January – 15 April (14 weeks)
Period: 16 April – 22 July (14 weeks)
Period: 3 September – 23 December (16 weeks)

You don’t have to wait until the next period begins; you can join the current period at any time. For the adjusted prices, please contact by phone or email.

Missed classes can be made up at another day/time within the period. Call/email then whether there is a place available because of the size of the group.